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Gougane Barra Walks

  1. The Lee Walk (1.3km)- A delightful walk along the floor of Com Rua, follows the course of the infant Lee and ascends the final exhilarating sweep to the top car park by a long series of wooden steps.
  2. The Waterfalls Walk (1.8km)- This is for the more energetic. Magnificent views of the whole glen and the great mountain wall that encloses it.  From the two viewing platforms the panorama of mountain and crag, lake and cascade, forest and field, presents an unforgettable picture.
  3. The Little Red Valley Walk- This is just ten minutes walk from the upper car park, stop and stare as you wander along.
  4. The Mountain Walk- From the upper car park travel the northern slopes of the great Combe.  Take in the enormity of Maolach and the craggy slopes of Carraigín an Phréachain.
  5. Slí Doirín na Coise - (1.8km)- As a contrast to the high hills this is a gentle walk bringing you over wooden footbridges towards the lake shore and back through magnificent larches and spruces to the lower car park.
  6. Nature Trail - (0.7km)- There are no steep gradients here.