Weather in Skibbereen

As with everything the weather in Skibbereen and surrounding areas of west cork can be a hard thing to predict from day to day, with some summer days as hot as the Mediterranean and other days cool, wet or downcast. As a general rule, Ireland and in particular west cork located close to the coastline, comes with a temperate oceanic climate of warm summers and mild winters. 

Our location close to the coast means that the weather is milder (summers slightly cooler) than the more inland regions of the south east. Whilst west cork does not usually have the sweltering heat and everyday consistent sunshine and soaring temperatures typical of Mediterranean countries its varied and mild summers comes with its own attractions. West Corks moderate temperate oceanic weather of warm sunny days, mild summer breezes and the odd light shower gives it a windswept charm and can be an advantage in a lot of ways, its warm as opposed to sizzling hot summers allowing the visitor to take part in all manner of things to do in West Cork including active pursuits, hikes, adventure and watersports such as sea kayaking.

On the many warm bright summery days of midsummer, a visit to west cork can be a paradise. You can take advantage of its many stunning scenic beaches and seaside towns with a dip in the ocean, take to the seas for many an adventure, explore the many attractions of the neighbouring townlands on foot and partake in a refreshing meal/drink in the local restaurants and pubs close to the coast. And the beauty of west cork is that it is not limited by the weather, whether it be warm and sunny, dull and misty or spattered with rainfall, there is always much to do and see in the area. A visit to Skibbereen and West Cork gives the visitor a wide variety of things to do, places to see and explore no matter what the weather with plenty of alternative indoor and outdoor attractions that cater for the odd rainy day.

For West Cork accommodation and places to stay in Skibbereen, the West Cork Hotel is situated close to all the main attractions of the scenic regions of west cork one will find a variety of options to make the most of your stay in the scenic surrounds. This Cork Hotel is the ideal choice for exploring all that is great about West Cork, no matter what the weather may be like.